Friday, February 16, 2007

'Digital' Neighbourhood Watch Plan Proposed

A neighbourhood watch for the digital age, utilising the power of social networking, has been proposed.
Two lecturers in the US have suggested creating a network of Community Response Grids (CRG) in conjunction with the emergency services.

Its like the MySpace of natural disasters. Leave your text, photos and even video's on a website where the world can see.

The University of Maryland has decided to pilot a scheme for a networking website for a community response grid (CRG) with an initial run of 40,000 people. The aim is to alert citizens and authorities more quickly about disasters and attacks. Why not just dial 911?

The proposal is for community-driven websites to be run by trained volunteers working in conjunction with the 6,100 local 911 services around the US.

"Citizen reporters would report to a centralised authority who will take care of emergency response coordination and allocate scarce resources of police fire and medical services," said Professor Shneiderman.

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