Thursday, February 22, 2007

The process of researching my news story

NB: The story is below:

British heptathlete Jessica Ennis once again beats close friend Kelly Sotherton at the European Indoor Trials and UK Championships in Sheffield.

Ennis was happy that she finished above Sotherton, and was the first to make a pleasant personal joke about it.

The Commonwealth bronze medallist won the high jump with a jump at 1.87m and was third in the 60m hurdles with a personal best time of 8.18 seconds ahead of Sotherton.

However, not one to be totally outdone, Sotherton did beat Ennis in the shot put, also throwing a personal best 14.42m to finish seventh.

Both athletes have already qualified for next month's European Indoor Championships.

"I'm sure when it comes to the European Indoors I will get it right and be up there in the 1.90s," said 21-year-old Ennis after her high jump win.

"A 'pb' in the hurdles - I can't complain with that - and then winning the high jump is great."

I decided to make my first news story about the Midlands based athlete Kelly Sotherton, and her close friendship and rivalry with team-mate Jessica Ennis.

I checked websites like Sky Sports and UK Athletics too. I typed in simple phrases in the search query areas of the website such as "Sotherton" and "Ennis" and came across a story of the two in competition, the final time before the European Championships.

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Todd Nash said...

Having read your article on the UCE News website, I was just wondering what the "pleasant personal joke" was between the two athletes. You make reference to it in your second paragraph, but then say no more about it! I feel that the people want to know what this joke is!